Soft Metal 1
Written by Erick Melton and Illustrated by Sanny Folkesson

The planet "Yarth" has all the elements of an advanced society: cars, computers, cell phones, wars, politicians, sporting events, as well as people in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fur color.

The survivors of the revolt used their superior technology to shape society. Doing so has became as much a form of entertainment as a means to power. The children of the 'Survivor Clans' were taught the truth of their origin. And the Cholan-Re became bogeymen, a story used to frighten their sons and daughters to keep their origin a secret. Some of the the Cholan-Re survived. These 'Remnants' hid themselves more deeply than the Survivor Clans. They kept watch on the descendants of those that had murdered their fathers. And now, they have begun efforts to regain the control that is their birthright. The Cholan-Re Remnants have a new tool at their disposal. They call it, "SoftMetal."

36 pages | Black and White

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Soft Metal 1            
Soft Metal 1
Soft Metal TM and © Sanny Folkesson and Erick Melton. All rights reserved.